Gods of Rome

“You want to rule and reunite Rome, but you will need the help of the Gods!”

Rome has lost its way and the Gods are divided but you can restore its glory... Visit temples to gain the Gods’ blessings, attack the enemies and push them away from your territories, add new members to your tribe and spread them across the lands where you can construct temples.

In Gods of Rome, a competitive area control game with action activation, you must lead your people to become the chosen tribe that will bring unity and strengthen the empire once again!

During each player’s first turn they will select one of the available Roman factions, each lead by a different God: Jupiter, Febo, Neptune, Diana and Venus. Also, players will pursue the path to victory by gaining the favour of the other Gods.

Gods of Rome is played over an undefined number of sequential turns, until 3 existing checkpoints are triggered. During the game, players will gain favour points according to the God’s temples they are visiting and the territories they control. In the 3 checkpoints, favour points are converted into victory points and, by the end of the game, the player with the most victory points is the winner.


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Data sheet

Collection Tawny Collection
Number of players 1/4
Minimum Age 10+
Playing Time 30/90m
Author António Sousa Lara
Language PT/EN/DE
Artist Miguel Coimbra
Year 2023
Publisher Pythagoras


  • Portugal 🇵🇹
  • Espanha 🇪🇸 - Maldito Games


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