Missão M

In a not-too-distant place, there is a farm where the chicken Marieta and her friends live, along with the dog Matias and the cat Mia.

The chickens of Matinados farm are raised outdoors, breathe pure air and feed on 100% natural cereals, therefore, they are the happiest in Portugal. They lay organic eggs with optimal nutritional properties for our health.

Players take turns rolling the dice and moving back and forth around the farm stopping at its various gates to collect tiles.
Alternatively, players may place tiles in their hands onto their individual boards, trying to complete it.
In the end, players will score their individual boards according to the tiles placed there. Best score wins.

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Data sheet

Collection Other Games
Number of players 2/5
Minimum Age 6+
Language Portuguese
Artist Olivier Fagnère
Publisher Pythagoras


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