Novelty - Lusitania XXI

Novelty - Lusitania XXI

Another new release arrives in the year 2022 to the Pythagoras catalogue, “Lusitania XXI”, a new edition of the game previously released in 2017 “Lusitania”. This new edition has many new features, from new cards, which have new actions, to expansions.

In Lusitania XXI players are commanders traveling across the Roman Empire to recruit and equip a strong army that will try to defeat the heroic resistance of the Lusitanian people and their leader Viriato.

During a round of this game, players can download cards from their hand to the table, placing them in a line in front of them, or exchange cards from their hand with others on the training field. All cards placed on the table give victory points and the player who first reaches 21 points wins.

The national launch of Lusitania XXI will take place on November 19, 2022 at the Museu de Lisboa – Teatro Romano.

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