Lisbon wakes up to modernity. The king D. Pedro V orders the squares of the streets of the city paved with Calçada Portuguesa (traditional Portuguese pavement).

In front of the D. Maria II Theater, where it all starts, the undulatiing and geometric patterns that the stones form, will make the Rossio square one of the most beautiful in the kingdom.

The king also intends to increase the comfort and magnificence of other streets and squares in the kingdom, paving them also with Calçada Portuguesa. For this project he called the greatest stonemasons in the country. Are you ready to inscribe your name in the posterity?

In this game, players are masters that are going to pave the Rossio square in Lisbon, trying to achieve glory.


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Data sheet

Collection Other Games
Number of players 1/4
Minimum Age 8+
Dimensions 29,5x29,5x4
Language PT/ES/EN/DE
Artist Olivier Fagnère
Year 2020
Publisher Pythagoras


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