Among so many treasures that flock to Rome, garum is the finest and most profitable of them all. From the factories of Troia, in Lusitania, and Baelo Claudia, in Baetica, comes the most appreciated and valuable garum sauce of the whole empire.

In those regions there is fish, salt and clay of the finest quality to make the amphoras that carry the sauce into Rome. The most powerful families of the empire will pay any price for a small amount of this strong and appreciated condiment.

By empreror's command you went to the Iberian Peninsula with the mission to produce the best garum of the empire.


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Data sheet

Collection Other Games
Number of players 2/4
Minimum Age 8+
Dimensions 29,5x29,5x4
Language PT/ES/EN
Artist Pedro Soto
Year 2019
Publisher Pythagoras


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